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Situated on the banks of the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon has been a vital gateway since ancient times. Make it your gateway to discovery! Here are a couple of our personal favorites.

  • See Lyon through the eyes of a Lyonnais –with your own personal tour guide! (A free service)
  • Stroll along the winding, narrow streets of Vieux Lyon, a UNESCO site
  • Enjoy an unforgettable meal at an award-winning restaurant
  • Experience a picnic lunch in a Roman theater built in 15 BC
  • Rent a velov bicycle and encounter the many unique areas that make up Lyon. There are 500 km of bicycle paths in the Greater Lyon area and self service pick-up and drop-off bike stations everywhere.
  • Visit any of Lyon's amazing museums.

Quick tip: Get a Lyon City Card and have access to more than 40 services and attractions: museums, certain shows and guided tours. Or get La Carte Musées for only 20 euros and visit the Musée d'Art Contemporain, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée Gadagne, Musée de l’Imprimerie, Musée de l’Automobile Henri Malartre, and Centre d'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation as often as you like for a full year.

All this and more await you in Lyon! But, don’t take our word for it – see for yourself!

Check out OnlyLyon for even more great ideas for discovering Lyon and when you arrive walk by the Lyon Tourist Office for more information and details. We will also be more than happy in answering your questions and helping you have a great stay in Lyon!

Lyon, capital of the Rhône Region

There is always something to see and do in the Rhône-Alps, and Lyon is the perfect starting point. You will find Lyon has excellent rail access; it is linked to most large towns in the Rhône-Alps by the TGV, and linked region-wide by TER. Lyon is a hub for both main truck roads and other motorways in the region. Consider some of these possibilities:

  • Vienne and the Pays Viennois (just 20 minutes by car from Lyon): Explore its 2500 years of history, tour vineyards and do a little tasting, experience Vienne international Jazz festival (the number one jazz festival in France).
  • Perouges (an hour's drive from Lyon): This walled, medieval village is so picturesque that it has been a popular location for movie productions. Discover its rich history and delicious cuisine.
  • Bourg-en-Bresse (about an hour by car from Lyon): Famous for its delicious poultry, it is also the site of Margaret of Austria's famous Royal Monastery of Brou with its amazing story and art work and there is the Reyssouze River.